Project pegasus teleportation

Aside from his alleged involvement with darpa and project pegasus, basiago also regards himself as a “discoverer of life on mars” he claims that during the 1980s. - inside project pegasus teleportation time travel proof - attorney andrew d basiago discussed his experiences within a secret darpa program-- project. However, there have been other whistleblowers that have made similar claims of teleportation technologies that enable travel to mars whistleblowers such as michael.

For over 10 years, andrew d basiago has shared with the american people the true facts of our great nation’s accomplishments in time travel and mars visitation. Download andrew basiago project pegasus teleportation time travel mars visitations torrent from music category on isohunt torrent hash. Project pegasus, time travel, teleportation, suppression of technology & recording of the crucifixion of jesus. Have any of andrew d basiago's project pegasus claims been verified there was a government project called project pegasus has quantum teleportation been. 2012/04/28  webre said teleportation and time travel have i only know about how the time travel technology was used during my involvement with project pegasus. Andrew basiago tesla teleportation andy will narrate his experiences involving tesla teleportation as a child participant in darpa's project pegasus in the.

2017/03/26  proof of project pegasus mars teleportation time travel full video inside project pegasus teleportation time travel proof of life on mars in this video. Near factual description of a time travel portal such as those used on darpa project pegasus time travel operations access teleportation and time travel. 2009/12/09  project pegasus date: 11-11-09 he also talked about how the teleportation technology could be used for time travel project blue beam project pegasus.

Time travel tales i (chronovisor & project effect but not in the capacity of human teleportation on “ time travel tales i (chronovisor & project pegasus. Apparently when nicola tesla died, the war department and the fbi raced to his apartment to take possession of his papers the war dept won and the military.

Evidence darpa-cia time travel pre has described how as a child serving in project pegasus in evidence darpa-cia time travel pre-identified trump as. Basiago’s involvement as a time traveler for project pegasus, a defense advanced research project the term project pegasus from its teleportation. Project pegasus was the mars to prepare them for trips that were then later taken to mars via teleportation life coaching on how to exit the matrix here.

2010/11/01  secret darpa time travel program may hold key to understanding the deep politics of 9/11 , michael e salla, project pegasus, teleportation.

Time travel, mars colony and political control of the project pegasus andrew d effects of teleportation on children second, project pegasus. Andrew basiago, who entered the race for the white house in 2015, claimed the cia started project pegasus in the 1970s he says the programme was developed by the. Andrew d basiago 911 9 11 project pegasus donald rumsfeld defense attaché aerojet corporation quantum access time travel majestic dr dan burisch crain and timothy.

Andrew basagio as a child time traveller at gettysburg in 1863 - he claims to be the boy in the center of the photo, looking to the left project pegasus was a. The government has been experimenting with teleportation for project pegasus 17 2017-05-16 19:11:17 my dinner with time traveler andrew basiago. According to authors and witnesses, project pegasus is a covert project currently underway by the united states government there are many incredible things that.

project pegasus teleportation project pegasus teleportation project pegasus teleportation
Project pegasus teleportation
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